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Search engine optimization (SEO) is a tried-and-true strategy that can help your small business reach page one of search results for your industry and location. That means your ideal customers are more likely to find you and view your website. Want to learn more about how it works?

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Is Your Small Business Getting Found Online?

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You have to show up for your business to succeed. The same goes for your website. Make sure your customers can find you in search results when they search for your products and services. If you're not there, neither are they. Townsquare Interactive, a top digital marketing agency committed to helping small business owners like you, can make sure you're making moves to the first page of Google search results.

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Tell us about your small business and your current web presence.


Our SEO analysts will examine your current local rankings and create a plan to help them improve.


We'll implement the plan by inserting keywords into your site's content to help you rank for your industry in your location.

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If you're not showing up on page one of Google, you might as well not be showing up at all. Search engine optimization (SEO) can help you improve your small business's rankings and get found online. Ready to get started on your journey to page one of Google for your industry and location? We are!

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You can get even more out of your long-term local SEO strategy by maintaining an active presence on social media and staying on top of your online reviews. No time for that? Don't worry - we can help. We'll manage your social media and post twice per week to maintain an active presence, as well as send you email alerts when a new review of your small business is posted online. Revolutionize your small business's digital marketing today!

Jin Mengert,
Bulgogi Box

SEO Customer Since: 2017

When she partnered up with her team at Townsquare Interactive, we set her up with a digital marketing package that includes a website, SEO and business listings. Being at the top of search results is important to Jin: "I don't myself actually look at the next page when I search something," she says. "If it's not on the first page, then I am not actually going to the next page."

Make It to Page One of Google With Local SEO

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When's the last time you ventured to page two or three or four of Google? Been a while, right? Make sure your business is showing up on page one of search results for your industry and location - otherwise, your ideal customers might never know you exist, and that's not cool. We can help.