Stay in Front of Website Visitors With Retargeting

Schedule a conversation with a digital marketing specialist to learn how you can show your ads to website visitors who left without taking action and earn a second chance to win them over.

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Don't Let Visitors Forget You

Your ads will follow them across the web with retargeting

With retargeting from Townsquare Interactive, your business name stays in front of potential customers even after they've left your website, enticing them to come back and book your services.

How We Retarget Your Website Visitors


Tell us about your business and your website goals. You'll need a steady flow of traffic to take advantage of retargeting.


We'll tag the visitors who left your website and show your ads to them as they travel around the web.


Visitors will come back to your site for a second look, and you'll have another chance to convince them to contact you!

If you want to harness the power of retargeting, you'll need a professionally designed website to get you started. Our in-house designers are experts when it comes to creating websites that convert - they're easy to navigate, informative and up to date with the latest info.

Get Found Online and Grow Your Business

Retargeting requires a steady flow of traffic to your site to be effective, so make sure you're showing up at or near the top of search results for your industry in your location. Our search engine optimization (SEO) strategy can help you drive more visitors to your site and give you more potential customers to retarget.


When you sign up with Townsquare Interactive, you'll never sign a long-term contract. We're committed to earning your satisfaction every single month, meaning we're hyper-focused on getting you impressive results.

Brian Shealey, Shealey Law Firm

Customer Since: 2014

"Lawyers are really busy, and we need our time to be valued." The Shealeys teamed up with Townsquare Interactive in 2014. Since then, we've helped them drastically improve their SEO rankings, ensuring they can be found easily online. "It is so important for our business to be visible online because of the type of work we do - criminal defense work," they say. "People don't really know how to find lawyers in that field."

Don't Let Your Site Visitors Forget You

If they leave your website without taking action, visitors will be reminded of your business as your ads follow them around the web. That keeps you fresh in their minds, so they'll come back to you when they're ready to do business.